What to Know Before You Ship Your Car

Maybe you have just taken your holiday, and you plan to spend it abroad or just got a job out of the country. You would want to take your car with you maybe because it is cheaper than renting it. The primary two ways you can move your car to the new country are transporting it or shipping it.

Although the choice of mode of transport depends on you, it is advisable and cheaper to ship it. Even if you are planning to ship your car, there are several factors you have to look at before you go ahead to ship the car.

The two essential things you need to look at before shipping your car are the car shipping cost and modes of payment. Before you seek any service from a provider, the first thing to look at is the size of your pocket and the cost of the services offered. It is essential to go for services that fall within your budget to prevent financial constraints.

Also, it would help if you looked at the mode of payment. Whether you are comfortable with the method of payment, they use or not. Some ways of payment they may use you may not be familiar with. It would help if you considered those that offer several modes of payment without restriction. That will give you a chance to choose the method you are comfortable with. Several factors affect the cost of shipping, as explained below.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Shipping a Car

The location of where you want to ship your car will have a more significant impact on the cost. If the location is near urban centers like in the US, where the majority of the people live in urban areas, the shipping will be cheaper and faster. Where the population is less and most people live in rural areas, the cost will be higher and take quite some time. That is because it will require some time for the truck to get off the primary route for loading and then gets back to the main route.

A longer shipping distance will cost more than a shorter shipping distance. That is because the longer distance will require more labor and fuel. Distances vary with different destinations and where you come from. When you plan to ship your car, you need to consider the space, affecting the cost.

Location and distance are easy to measure, but the size of the vehicle is not easy to measure because car models do vary. Some cars have complicated modifications while others have simple changes, so concluding on the size becomes challenging.

Apart from the size, the weight of the car will also affect its shipping cost. Heavy vehicles with big sizes reduce the capacity of the track to carry more cars. Also, heavy vehicles will increase the rate of fuel consumption. All those will contribute to a higher cost of shipping.

Cars do not come in specific lengths and heights. Cars are available in different lengths and heights, which will also affect the cost of shipping them. A long car with greater height will also reduce the capacity of the truck to carry more cars. That will therefore make the shipping cost to be very high. Some of the features that contribute to the length of a car include roof tracks, oversized tires, and other attachments on the car. If your car has those features mentioned above and planning to ship it, you need to prepare a big budget.

It would help if you considered the delivery type for shipping your car, whether you want it shipped by a closed or open truck. Each of the delivery types has its pros and cons. Open trucks are pretty cheaper than closed trucks. That is because it can carry more cars than a closed truck. Open trucks are also faster than closed trucks, although the decision lies with you and your budget. If you have a small budget, then you can consider an open truck as your option.


Shipping your car is not a challenging task, although it does not require a quick decision. It will help if you consider all the factors that will affect the cost to ensure you are on the safe side.

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