Metal Roofing Benefits: Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Home

The US throws away 570 million tons of construction waste each year. Around 12 million tons of the waste comes from roof materials. Most construction waste ends up dumped in a landfill. 

With a short lifespan and heavy carbon footprint, shingles aren’t worth the stress. Around 11% of homeowners already switched to sustainable roofing materials.

Metal roofs use 25% recycled materials. Steel shingles can undergo repeated recycling processes without losing their strength.

Metal roofing benefits give your home and the environment an upgrade. If you need a little convincing, here are a few reasons why you should install a metal roof.

Is Metal Roofing Durable?

The lifespan of a metal roof depends on the gauge and type of metal. Copper and aluminum shingles don’t hold up well to hail damage.

To get the most from your metal roof, pick a metal rated to withstand your climate.

With proper installation and choice of materials, a metal roof can last a lifetime.

Certain roofing systems have a 70-year lifespan. The manufacturer’s trust the system so much, they often have a 50-year warranty.

What are the Lifespans of Other Roof Types?

Homeowners often face the tough decision of picking a metal roof vs shingles. A key thing to keep in mind is how long you plan to stay in the home.

100 years of asphalt shingles can cost about $60,000 for the average-size home.

These shingles last 10-15 years before the protective granules wash off. Do you want to go through the hassle of finding a roofer every decade?

Wood shingles come with a 50-year lifespan, but double the cost of regular shingles.

The maintenance costs for wood shingles add up over the years. If the wood isn’t treated every few years, the shingles develop mold.

Create a Custom Metal Roof and Stand Out in the Neighborhood

Metal roofing choices evolved over the years, making metal shingles an elegant material. Long gone are the days of your home’s roof accidentally looking like a barn. 

Do you like the texture of a wood slate roof, but not the nightmarish annual upkeep bills? There are metal roof shingles that mimic wood grain. 

Color choices for standard roofs don’t catch the eye. They’re all muted colors that absorb heat and trap it in the attic. Bright-colored metal roofs reflect light and reduce your energy bill.

Why Should You Use a Metal Roof for Your Old Home?

Slate roof tiles are the dream for any homeowner with a historical house to remodel.

The problem is, slate roofs are 3-4 times as heavy as shingles. Old wood-frame houses can’t withstand that much weight.

Modern metal roofs come in slate patterns that look like the real thing.

The average metal roof weighs 100 pounds per 100 square feet. That’s around 800 pounds less than slate tiles.

Consider These Metal Roofing Benefits When Installing a New Roof

Saving 25% on summertime cooling costs is one of many metal roofing benefits. As a bonus, your neighbors will envy your new long-lasting roof.

These low-maintenance roofing systems don’t cost much to keep in working order.

If the metal roof is installed right, you’ll never have to hire a roofer again. Think of all the time and energy you’ll have for other home improvement ideas.

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