8 Genius Hacks to Make a Small Living Space Look Luxurious

Living in small homes can be challenging in certain aspects. From creating a luxurious appearance to ensuring the functional value of the place, storage is often one of the biggest problems in a small space.

You have to manage all your stuff in a small space without making it cramped. That’s where organization comes in. Clutter can make your already limited space look more overflowing—not to mention cause stress, waste your precious time, affect your overall state of mind, and make you less productive.

So how do you go about converting a small space into one that exudes luxury and openness?

It can be tricky, but it also does not imply that it must cost a fortune. Clever hacks can help you transform your small living space into something grand and attractive.

Here is a time-tested list of hacks and tips to give a luxurious makeover to your tiny abode.

1. Start by Decluttering Your House

One of the quickest ways to make your home look more spacious is by decluttering it from unnecessary stuff in the house. By unnecessary, we mean something that’s not required at the moment or ever again. It could be out of season clothes, your old sofa, or the dining tables in the kitchen that have not been used for ages. The safest option to keep everything—you plan on using again—secure without compromising your home’s interior is by putting them in a storage facility. Finding one near your house is necessary for easy and quick access to your belongings anytime you want.

Don’t know how to find a suitable storage facility? Here is what you can do to find one. Search online according to your location. For instance, you can search Dallas storage units if you’re in Texas or its vicinity. Search by area to get customized results relevant to you. Go through all the options that appear on the first page of your search and contact them one by one. Make sure to do a background check before you choose a facility.

2. Choose an Attractive Color For New Paint

If you want luxury on a budget, one way to do it is by adopting a lively color palette for your house. Painting your walls with new shades can create an instant feel of extravagance and spaciousness. Coating your walls with crisp white color is a great way to make your space-crunched house look bigger. This is because the lighter color paint enhances the effect of everything placed in the room by creating a beautiful contrast. If you don’t want to change the paint, adding wallpapers is an excellent option too.

3. Match Your Furniture With Your Paint

Another way to make your house look classy is by matching the accessories with the paint on the walls. For instance, choose the color for the furniture coverings from the same family as your paint. The combination of lighter and darker shades can beautifully enhance the look and value of everything placed inside your living space. If you have chosen lighter shades of the paint, mixing and matching different accessories to create contrast becomes effortless.

4. Dash of Brightness With Unique Lighting and Fixtures

Lighting is at the heart of creating a deluxe living space. But it does not mean that you need to splurge on expensive fixtures and lampshades to create your desired expensive effect because you have to consider the space as well.

Adding modern and minimalistic fixtures can enhance the look of your house; at the same time, you can opt for various pendant lights to add character to the chosen area. These pendant lights illuminate some parts of the room while creating a shadow on the others. This combination of light and darkness can create depth in your living space. When choosing the lights, go for brass lighting that makes your space look fancier.

5. Pay Attention to Window Treatment

Want to give a makeover to your house that makes a difference? One of the cheapest ways to do so is by giving your windows a suitable treatment. However, there is a grave mistake that most people make when buying drapes for their windows, which is opting for short curtains and drapes.

Short curtains give a cheap and inexpensive look to your living space. Therefore, take the proper measurements with you when you go shopping. Opt for light color curtains that allow the natural light to pass through them. They will transform your space into something glowing and invigorating.

6. Add Fresh Flowers to Your House

While you are on the mission to create a luxurious living space out of your small house, why forget about the natural beauty of the potted plants and flowers?

If you can buy fresh flowers, add a few stems to different vases around the house to spread a subtle and soothing scent. All in all, the fresh flowers will make your house look fancy and expensive.

7. Don’t Forget About the Mirrors

Adding mirrors is probably one of the easiest solutions to make a place look bigger. Mirrors can magically convert a small area into an expansive space with their ability to reflect and amplify the effect of light. Adding decorative mirrors is also one of the cost-effective hacks for transforming the look of a room. It can also push the walls back and remove the visual barriers. The ideal place to put the mirror is across a window, in tight spaces behind the window or behind a light source. You can also add a statement mirror on the wall for décor purposes.

8. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Choosing suitable furniture is the key to making your house look more spacious regardless of its actual size. Opt for pieces that save space and look elegant at the same time. For instance, go for a chest that can be used as a coffee table or expandable and foldable tables to use the space wisely.

Other options include a folding bed used as a couch during the day or a window seat with shelves and drawers underneath.


Making your small space look expensive and comfy is not as difficult as people often think. Some of the best ways to make a small room look big and luxurious are adding innovative lights and fixtures, creating mirror arrangements, and giving a new paint makeover.

Moreover, you can also make a difference by choosing appropriate paint colors across the house and decluttering before decorating your home.

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