5 Home Improvement Upgrades to Keep Your Family Safe

The home is where the family lives and creates memories. It’s a place of comfort, safety, and security. But just because your home may be safe now doesn’t mean that it always will be. With time, things change. Children grow up, houses get older, families experience financial hardships, or natural disasters- these changes can lead to unsafe conditions in the house. To avoid these situations and keep your family safe at all times, consider making one or more simple home improvement upgrades.

Air Filters

Air filters are a significant home improvement that helps to keep the entire house cleaner. Not only will you be able to breathe better, but it also keeps dust and other allergens from spreading throughout the entire house. Therefore, a 16x25x1 air filter is an excellent way for families with allergies or asthma concerns to keep their family members from experiencing these sensitivities at home. The maintenance that comes along with this filter also adds peace of mind and helps maintain healthy indoor living conditions year-round while providing cleaner breathing experiences for everyone inside your house.

Pressured Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood for decks, playgrounds, or other outdoor structures is a great way to keep your family safe. This type of wood can withstand the elements and last up to 20 years without being resurfaced. Also, your home’s entrance mat should always have some rubber backing so it doesn’t slip when wet or covered in snow. It also needs a lip on both edges that extends slightly past the door frame. Thus, water drips off onto the ground instead of into your house! A good option for this is an aluminum threshold with moisture-resistant vinyl flooring installed over the top – these are durable options that will help you avoid slips and falls while keeping your floors clean as well.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a must, especially in the evening or at night. It helps deter crime by making it much easier to see what’s going on outside of your property line. Plus, bad guys don’t want their faces seen either! This upgrade will also help soothe the worries of any neighbors who may be concerned about seeing someone lurking around late at night when they come back from work. You can choose different fixtures with various brightness levels depending on where you live (mountainous areas require more light than built-up cities). There are even some motion sensor lights that will automatically turn on when someone walks by.

A Dog

A dog is an excellent form of home security, but it can’t do the job alone. It needs to be exercised regularly and trained well to know its boundaries and stay safe at night. Dogs make excellent early warning systems in addition to being very protective companions for kids who may live there, too – remember always to walk your pup before bedtime! You could also plant some cacti as an additional deterrent against potential intruders.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The last thing we’ll mention is smoke detectors – these aren’t just important when you’re cooking on a stovetop because sometimes fires start elsewhere, too (like unattended candles). They give off an audible alarm with a flashing light to wake you up and ensure your family is safe. One option for these smoke alarms is the hard-wired variety. This is installed on every level of the house and in any room where cooking or candles may take place. They’re interconnected, so they’ll all go off when one detects smoke – this way, there’s no confusion about which fire detector needs attention.

A carbon monoxide alarm. This type will emit a loud noise if it senses high levels of CO gas, making sure your family stays out of harm’s way even if you can’t smell it yourself! These units should be placed near bedrooms or other areas with sleeping occupants, and just like smoke detectors, they’re hard-wired for an interconnected alarm system in case there’s a difference in the level of gas detected.

Final Thought

A home should be a safe place for all members of the family. Some quick and easy upgrades can go far in making sure that everyone stays protected from accidents or dangers both inside and out.


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