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New Family Tree Maker Software. Also comes with a free Starter Edition.

Get all of the family tree building solutions that you need to fill out all of the branches of your family history and origins.

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Several genealogy programs are available on the market and you can learn about most of them on the Internet. If you do not have Personal Ancestral File, you may want to download this free version now. Personal Ancestral File is also available for use at Family History Centers. With Personal Ancestral File you can prepare a file with names for the temple.

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Free people search engines for researching someone's phone number, mailing address or email address. offers resources to find old family members and research your surname and ancestry. Free people search with easy online tools.
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THE Bega Valley Genealogy Society invites all members and also anybody interested in genealogy to attend its last meeting of this year at the Old Courthouse.

Russell P. Baker of the Arkansas History Commission will conduct a local presentation on the use of church records in conjunction with genealogy research.

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